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YDS-378G (Gold Plated)

  • Key: Bb

    Bell Material: Gold Brass

    Bell Diameter: 125mm(4.9'')

    Bore: 11.68mm ( 0.46” )

    Piston :Monel

    Tuning Slides and Receiver: Brass

    Inside Slides: Brass

    Mouth Pipe : Gold Brass

    Finish: L/G/S

  • YDS-378G(鍍金)

    調性:  Bb

    喇叭口材質: 金銅

    喇叭口口徑: 125mm

    管徑: 11.68mm

    活塞: 蒙奈兒合金

    調音管: 黃銅

    內滑動管: 黃銅

    吹口管: 金銅


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