Alto Saxophone 中音薩克斯風

A-810B-GL (Black Plated+Key Gold Lacquer)

  • Alto Saxophone


    Key: Eb w/F#

    Material: Yellow Brass

    Delicate Engraving: Bell and Bow

    Finish: GL/B/B-GL/AS/S

    *Bady and Bell +sanding

  • 中音薩克斯風


    型式: A-810B-GL(鍍黑鎳+鍵金漆)

    調性: Eb w/F#

    材質: 黃銅

    雕花: 喇叭頭和彎兒

    表面處理: GL(金漆)/B(鍍黑鎳)/ B-GL(鍍黑鎳)/AB(仿古青銅)/S(鍍銀


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